Live Bold, Leave A Legacy

Aimee Littlejohn Author and Speaker

Author & Speaker

Aimee Littlejohn, MSN, MHA, RN

As a younger nurse, I set off to Africa with a passion to save the world. Shortly after I arrived, I was met with the harsh reality that wasn’t going to be possible with the lack of resources available in this third world country. 

Since that trip, I have had the opportunity to travel to five different continents. While each place has been very different with diversity of individuals, cultures, and landscape, the one lesson I quickly learned is the similarity of one basic universal need.  Love and acceptance.

For my entire life, including my 30 years working as a registered nurse, and my travels leading me thousands of miles around the world to help others, I lacked that basic human concept for myself. I didn’t fully love and accept who God created me to be.

After many years of putting in the necessary hard work, much prayer and studying God’s word, I’ve learned to appreciate the woman God created me to be. I’m thankful He is allowing me to use my journey to help others face their struggles.  

He has asked me to live bold and to leave a worthwhile legacy to the generations that will follow me.

Aimee’s Story

I never could have imagined myself as an author or speaker, but God had different plans.  I was raised in a Southern Baptist church, but I didn’t experience a personal relationship with Christ until I was a young adult.  I sang the hymns, listened to the prayers, occasionally opened my bible and could recite the most famous bible verses with the best of them but, something felt like it was missing.  Read more…