My Story

Aimee Littlejohn, Author and Speaker

Running Back to Jesus

I never could have imagined myself as an author or speaker, but God had different plans.  I was raised in a Southern Baptist church, but I didn’t experience a personal relationship with Christ until I became a young adult.  I sang the hymns, listened to the prayers, occasionally opened my bible and could recite the most famous bible verses with the best of them but, something felt like it was missing.  

Aimee Littlejohn, Author & Speaker

It wasn’t until my 20s when life started pulling at me that I knew I needed more to make it through.  Outwardly, it appeared I had it all.  A wonderful marriage, healthy kids and too many material possessions but deep inside I was struggling.  Infertility plagued us after our first daughter was born, suffering a miscarriage after two years of waiting for a positive pregnancy test and, financial hardships causing marital issues, all leading to the downward spiral of what we had as a family.  

I was struggling to find my way.  Turning to running as an out, I ran then I ran some more.  Physically ran.  I trained to the point of breaking my hip just to prove to myself that I was worthy and get a PR (personal record).  I went back to college to obtain a higher education and even with two master’s degrees in nursing and healthcare administration, my view of self-worth hadn’t changed.  I worked as a registered nurse and traveled the world helping others on missions trips.  How could I help so many others but need so much help myself? I did anything and everything I could looking for value and my self-worth.  Looking for control, I was out of control.  

Aimee and her husband, Todd, speaking in Tambov, Russia

Financial struggles lead to loss of respect my husband and I had for each other, eventually leading to separation. This ended up being the best thing to ever happen to us.  That may sound crazy, but God brought us both to the end of our rope and it wasn’t until we were alone that God did his amazing work in us individually that was way overdue.  Well overdue in our time but not Gods.  While we both say we would never wish that on anyone, but it was what we needed to get our attention.  God sure had our attention, and we have pledged to honor and serve him the rest of our lives in hopes of helping others through our pain and struggles.  And hence now I am an author and speaker.

I currently live in Orlando, Florida happily married to my husband of 32 years.  We have three adult daughters and two grandchildren.  I use any spare time either running, playing pickleball or spoiling my favorite fur baby Lola.