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Aimee speaking in Kolkata, India

I have traveled the world to draw people to Jesus in my speaking ministry. How can I serve you?

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Why I Speak

God doesn’t waste anything.  I’ve learned that over the years.  The hard stuff that I’ve gone through has changed how I see and interact with the world.  I’m thankful for the lessons learned and that God is allowing me to share those experiences with others through speaking opportunities. 

He has taken what I once viewed as garbage and sent me around the world to share.  I’ve spoken about my family’s financial struggles for over 10 years facilitating finance courses through my church.  I’ve been able to take these principles to Moscow and Tambov Russia helping groups of individuals learn basic budgeting skills and how to live within their means.  

I’ve had the opportunity to grow in the area of setting healthy boundaries in relationships.  Being able to facilitate courses, again, through my church first, then traveling to Moscow and Tambov helping others remove themselves from toxic relationships and become who God created them to be.  

I’ve traveled to Kolkata, India sharing my testimony and leading a group of young adults through a leadership talk and facilitated a variety of bible studies for many years through the women’s ministry at my church.

My adult life has been helping others as a trained nurse of 30 years.  Many of those years were spent in education, as a nurse and college professor, teaching new nurses in the classroom and at the bedside, how to care for others.  

Speaking to groups or individuals about my experiences has allowed me to continue to help others in a different capacity.   I love helping people.  If something I’ve been through can be used to help others, I’m in.  

Speaking Topics

Personal Boundaries/Toxic Relationships

God intended us to live in relationship with others.  He created us to live in community.  How can we accomplish God’s plan for us when we accept lies from the enemy believing what others may say or think of us or what we may think of ourselves?  Putting healthy boundaries in place to guard our minds and hearts is crucial.  Knowing, and believing that God created us individually and uniquely for a special purpose allows us to live fully into that purpose. 

Finance & Budgeting

Due to a lack of planning and financial responsibility, our family went through a season of struggle and loss.  It was during this season we learned the importance of managing what God had entrusted to us and to live within our means.  Paying off over $150,000 in debt and becoming debt free, we are now passionate about helping others along their financial journey. 

Other Topics

  • Love and Acceptance
  • Having a healthy relationship with adult children
  • Raising Christian girls
  • Concept mapping for writers
  • Concept mapping general
  • Health related topics
  • Customized talks:  Have a topic you’re thinking of that’s not listed?  Let’s chat!

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I have had the great opportunity to team with Mrs. Littlejohn as a nurse educator. I have observed her unique ability to connect with her various and diverse audiences during presentations. Mrs. Littlejohn prepares extensively to ensure her ability to convey clearly the subject being discussed. I would highly recommend enlisting Aimee to assist in planning and/or presenting your educational seminars.

Donald Krueger, MSN, RN, CEN

It was such a blessing to meet Aimee Littlejohn when she was in Russia. When she and her husband Todd shared their heart with newly met brothers and sisters, their words touched many hearts. After each session people would come up to meet them in person, ask questions, pray together, and just to thank them for coming to their churches. Short-term mission trips may seem not significant, but they make a difference. People like Aimee touch lives of people and share their hearts. It’s a heart to heart thing. I thank God for meeting Aimee and for a new friend and coworker in my life.

Pastor Alexey Fedichkin

During Nursing School, Professor Littlejohn taught my OB & Pediatrics courses. She was passionate about this specialty material! Her positive energy and knowledge base kept over 120 nursing students attentive and interested to learn for hours on end, even if it was not our desired interest. She welcomed questions and provided positive feedback to students’ questions and thoughts. She had the ability to keep her students engaged by presenting her lessons through different modalities such as PowerPoint, videos, charts, imaging, group activities, etc. taking into account the students’ different learning styles. She is by far one of my favorite instructors that I had throughout all of my education.

Brittany Strong, BSN, RN, CT
IT/CE Product Educator, Providers

Aimee Littlejohn is a gifted teacher who has lead groups of women through studying a variety of topics.  She facilitated a class on boundaries and helped the women digest the material, kept great track of time, and helped the women take the topic to the next level by keeping accountable to making changes.  She is comfortable with teaching, engaging the crowd and works well with the group she speaks to.  Aimee communicates easily to diverse groups and keeps the topics very relevant and is engaging. 

Carine​ Moeglin
Alafaya Women’s Campus Lead, Discovery Church

In November 2012, a group from Discovery Church in Orlando, Florida, traveled to Kolkata, India to support and encourage the leaders and the children of a faith-based home for young girls that had been rescued out of the sex trafficking industry. Aimee Littlejohn was a member of that group. As a leader of the group, I had the privilege of observing Aimee passionately care for the staff and the girls of this rescue home. Aimee spoke publicly to a group of 50 staff members and privately on several occasions with the young girls. In nearly every one of those moments she had to effectively communicate through a translator. It was an honor to observe her communicative effectiveness using a translator, her passion, kindness, and leadership. Throughout this wonderful but exhausting experience Aimee stayed focused and contributed to the team as well as to those within the rescue home. As a leader I would not hesitate to include her in any endeavor in the future.

Berry​ Johnston, CARE Pastor Discovery Church

My wife and I recently completed a small group personal finance study led by Aimee Littlejohn and her husband, Todd. The content was life changing and greatly enhanced by Aimee as the primary facilitator. Her gracious yet focused manner and sense of humor kept us all on track and fully engaged.  Her communication, leadership style and ability to “herd cats” is uncanny. If she was on Amazon, we would give her 5 stars….

Greg & Kathy Lipsit